Asustek Computer’s Unveils Eee Note EA-800

E-readers seem to be quite big news at the moment and there are lots of new developments coming all the time. We’ve recently posted on an Android and an iPhone App for the Sony Reader, flexible screens for e-readers that could be available next year, and earlier today we posted an e-reader guide.

Now we hear news of yet another development, this time from Asustek, which has unveiled yet another e-reader, the Eee Note EA-800. It has an 8-inch touchscreen and a stylus for notetaking and will be released in Taiwan during this week, according to Dan Nystedt over on Computerworld. The price is NT$6,999 equivalent in US dollars to $228.

The new Eee Note is cheaper than Asustek’s previous e-reader, the Eee Reader D-900, mainly because of the differences in the screen. The Eee Reader has a 9-inch digital ink screen, an e-paper screen, whilst the Eee Note’s screen is less expensive to produce as it has a monochrome LCD touchscreen. Battery life is the other significant difference with users of the Eee Note getting around 13.5 hours in constant use whereas the Eee Reader battery charge will last around 2 weeks.

After the release in Taiwan the Eee Note will be released in Hong Kong and following that in some European countries by the year’s end. It is likely to be released in the U.S. in the first quarter of 2011. For more on this go to What are your thoughts on the new Eee Note e-reader? Why not send us your comments on this.