Apps for your Car: 5 of Android’s best for free

Google’s OS Android is fast becoming one of the most used things out on the market and a part of its success is attributed to its huge selection of apps.. We have brought you a selection of Android’s finest applications for your car courtesy of Cnet, and just to sweeten things they are all free.

Carrr Matey is the first app we are going to talk about as it is perfect to combat the problem we all have. Finding the car after you have been shopping can be a mammoth of a task and is not what you want to be doing when staggering around with bags full of goodies. Luckily Carrr Matey marks the exact location at which you have parked the motor and then when activated, guides you back when your are done.

GPS HUD (Global Positioning System Heads Up Display) is another useful app for the car as it can give project information onto your windscreen in futuristic fashion. The app uses your smartphones GPS to work out the speed and location and then reveals the information in the form of a HUD. Simply lay your phone face up on the dashboard and the info will be projected onto the windscreen making it look as if you have a HUD. Genius for the amazing price of nothing.

Traffic Buddy UK is next on the agenda, as we know how frustrating getting caught in a gridlock can be. This stunning app not only allows you to check on traffic, you can also view live images from traffic cameras all over the UK to see if your part of your journey is jammed or clear. You can even save the cameras you view so that next time you want to check you dont have to search through a huge database.

This next app is of use to everyone as I know it has happened to you at some point! So you are cruising along the motorway at 85 and then get a call or text, which you really want to answer but cant bring yourself to do in fear of a nasty crash or even worse, being caught by a speed camera. Step forward the DriveCarefully app, which reads your texts and emails out load. You cannot verbally reply to them but can command the app to send a pre written message back to the sender.

And the last app we have for you is GEO Reader, and its a beauty. You know when you have that long trip somewhere and the kids have got bored of playing i-spy and keep asking “are we there yet?” Well GEO Reader will use your phones GPS to track where you are and then start reading out interesting facts about your location, to educate and entertain the kids without making them bored.

All of these apps are available on the Android Market for absolutely free so what are you waiting for? Tell us if you plan to download any of these apps, and if you do let us know if they are as good as they sound.