AMOLED Production Ramp for 2011 – No Shortage Repeat

As you are probably already aware Samsung’s Super AMOLED panels seem to be becoming more popular in different types of mobile device such as the Samsung Galaxy S, the Omnia and the Focus and this is probably due to the fact that they use significantly less power on the screen. That means that the battery life of the mobile phone will last longer as long as you aren’t using a number of other tools at the same time. are reporting that the mobiles with the AMOLED screens would perhaps be more commonly found if there were more of them being produced in factories. Well in 2011 this is going to be changing. Samsung Mobile Devices has planned to add another production facility which will increase the number of units and will cut out the thought of there being a shortage.

So how do these screens compare to the likes of the iPhone 4? According to some of the comments on Engadget’s article there is a much mixed opinion on this with some people saying the Apple device has the better display, others are saying that the Super AMOLED screens are of a better quality.

What do you know about these? Do you think it is any better than an iPhone display? Let us know in the comments below.