Zynga Games: Facebook’s FarmVille – Just The Start

We’ve been keeping you up-to-date with recent developments from Zynga the social network game developer that established Farmville, which until recently had been the most popular application on Facebook. Only a few weeks ago Zynga launched CityVille and looks likely to have another hit on its hands and we also posted about some video gameplay footage from this latest creation.

Now an article has come to our attention by Emma Barnett over on The Telegraph who has interviewed the co-founder and chief executive of Zynga, Mark Pincus and discusses the rise of Zynga. Only three years after its launch Zynga is already worth a staggering $5.5 billion and if its popularity keeps growing at the same rate it may one day be a name as commonly-known as Facebook and Twitter.

Pincus was also involved in the early days of Napster and Facebook so knows a winning formula when he sees it and gave an intriguing insight to how he sees Zynga’s place when he said, “Since the likes of Napster, MySpace and Facebook were created, the web is a social place, with lots and lots of smaller cocktail parties happening everywhere. Beforehand, the web was a huge place that wasn’t connected in anyway- and then Napster launched [and] the web suddenly lit up. The internet became this place where people could come together around their interests. And now I am hosting one of the biggest cocktail parties online.”

FarmVille was Zynga’s first big hit and is still its most popular and it was also followed by other games like Mafia Wars, FrontierVille and CafeWorld. The workforce for Zynga has now increased to over 1,300 with 850 people being taken on just in this last year. Pincus points out that the web is now more social than ever before by saying, “The [next] stage of the web is social. Every business both online and off, needs to offer a social element and something fun. We live our lives online now.”

He also sets out his stall for long-term plans with Zynga, saying, “Zynga is not for sale. That is not my goal. I want to build an international treasure; an entity which lasts in people’s live for a long time.” Indeed Zynga is now expanding internationally after plans for a studio presence in Europe and so it seems that FarmVille was just the start of something incredibly huge. Pincus made it quite clear how huge he feels Zynga could become by concluding that he wants the word ‘Zynga’ to eventually become a verb for gaming, in much the same way as ‘Google’ means search, and that is no mean ambition.

For more on this go to telegraph.co.uk. What do you think about the future of Zynga games? We’d be interested to hear from you so why not send us your comments.