Verizon iPhone 5: The Perfect Setting

We know how many of you have been waiting for an Apple iPhone on Verizon and we’ve been bringing you all the speculation and news for some time. Just recently we’ve posted on video hints of a Verizon LTE iPhone and taken a look at what people want most, a Verizon iPhone or the iPad 2.

Now an article over on PC World by Brad Reed of Network World has given us food for thought as to exactly when we might see a new Apple iPhone version for Verizon. It points out that the upcoming commercial launch of Verizon’s LTE network is coming in just a few weeks and wonders what devices will be available to run on it.

Industry experts are anticipating the launch of new LTE smart phones as early as January at the Consumer Electronics Show for release shortly afterwards. Phil Solis, ABI Research analyst, said for example, “They’ve moved up the timetable for LTE smart phones and now I’m hearing sometime in February 2011. There will be a bunch of devices out in the first half of next year and there will be a focus on tablets.”

However, of course, the one thing that everybody really wants to know about is whether Verizon will get an LTE version of the iPhone, maybe the iPhone 5? Dan Hays is a director for management consultant PRTM and points out that the perfect setting for a Verizon iPhone to finally be announced by Apple would be at the Verizon LTE launch. Hays said, “It’s quite likely that Apple will seek to take advantage of Verizon’s 4G network. Having an LTE-enabled phone and adopting new technology early would fit squarely with Apple’s overall strategy.”

So maybe we’ll be hearing of a new Apple iPhone model as early as next month when Verizon launches its LTE service which will initially cover 38 of the main markets. For now it’s a waiting game of course but as far as a Verizon iPhone goes, we’re all used to that. For more on this go to We’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this so please feel free to send us your comments.

  • Magic

    stop misinforming your readers with incorrect data.. lets be clear.. LTE IS NOT 4G.. although LTE will be faster than the current U.S. systems in place,, LTE does not meet 4g speed standards.. when the carriers move to LTE ADVANCED,, with speeds of 100 mbps,, then you all can begin speaking of 4th generation technology.. be responsible and accurate in with your information..

  • @lhisey

    What is the definition of true 4g? Doesn't most hard line internet only run about 30 mbps? I would like to know more if someone can elaborate on Magic's comment. Thanks.

  • GeezLazyPeople

    Using Google is hard.. oh wait.. it’s not. Click the below link if it’s not too much effort for you.