Samsung’s Android OS Galaxy Tab: Reading Apps

On purchasing new gadgets be it a mobile phone or a tablet device, you will all have a certain amount of expectations. Along with the appearance and underlying capabilities, the features incorporated are a big selling point, including that of the add on of apps. The majority of devices already come with apps and if not, there is always the option of purchasing them. Today, it is the turn of the Samsung’s Android Galaxy Tablet and it’s “Reading Apps” that we wanted to tell you about. has reported on the pre-installed apps which have been brought together in a Reader’s Hub on the home page icon, including “PressDisplay” for newspapers, “Kobo” for eBooks and “Zinio” for magazines. We can now take a closer look at what these apps can offer you individually, starting with the “Kobo” online book store app including an option called “Can’t get if from iBooks.” On purchasing this, you will automatically be asked to open an account giving you the option to visit time and time again with your personal and credit card details. Unlike the iPad Kobo app, The Android version does not allow allows you to choose fonts and sizes, screen brightness options and multiple bookmarks. One thing in it’s favor, is that on closing the app, the Android Kobo will save where you are.

Moving swiftly on, comes the PressDisplay newspaper app which is already included in your tablet. This will give you the option of looking at papers past and present from all around the globe, with pinch to zoom capability. If you decide to pick out stories that are most relevant to your style of reading, then the feature of tapping onto a specific headline will enable you to do this. On purchasing the Samsung, you will automatically be given credit for 7 free issues, after that, you will be charged 99 cents.

Finally it leaves me to finish off by telling you about the Zinio magazine app. You will be able to sign up to a number of magazines with a easy and quick way of flicking through stories and turning the tablet onto it’s side to read a double-page spread. Advice from has said that to get the best out of magazine reading, it is wise to switch to text-only mode.

Rounding off, it appears that yes, the Galaxy Tablet is the preferred option for reading books and newspapers but if you’re more of a magazine fan, then the iPad Zinio app may be your chosen path.

What are your thoughts on this? Which apps would you consider using? Let us know. Head on over to for more details.

  • rita

    I can not turn my galaxy tab off, it is not responding. What should I do?

    • Tim


  • Allen

    Zinio has stopped working on my Galaxy Tab. It came pre-installed on my Tab. When I try to download any new copies of magazines, it says this version is no longer supported, and that I should update the app. But, there is no update available!!!!!!! Meanwhile, I can't download anything. I think it's because they have made a deal with the sharks at Apple, who are skimming 30 percent off all magazine sales. You'd think they'd let people already subscribed continue to receive their subscriptions, but no, individuals don't matter a damn. So I now have four magazine subscriptions that I have paid for but can no longer get content. Disgraceful beahaviour, I hope Zinio go bust if they treat their customers like this. I am asking for a full refund and hope never to see them again. Absolutely and utterly disgusted with them.