Kindle DX vs. Apple iPad: Cyber Monday 2010

For some strange reason the Amazon Kindle DX always seems to be compared to the Apple iPad, but only when it comes to eBooks. You have to remember that they both do totally different things, and they are both leaders in their markets. However, one will outshine the other over Cyber Monday 2010, and it looks as though it will be the Kindle DX selling more units.

The reason for this is not because Amazon’s device is more popular, its because the online retail giant is more likely to have deals running on their eReader than Apple will on the tablet device. Do not get me wrong, Apple did have a deal for the iPad over Black Friday, but they seem to have missed out on Cyber Monday.

Having said that, I cannot see any offer from Amazon either. Now I do find this strange, as this would be the time that both devices could do with a sales increase. The reason I say this is because both devices have competition; ok, their rivals do have a way to go to match their sales figures, but the likes of the Nook and the Galaxy Tab can smell blood, and they will do anything to catch their prey.

Cyber Monday started today for many, such as Best Buy and Walmart, which we discussed this morning. However, the sales do not start until tomorrow for some – so there is still time for the Kindle DX and the iPad

Which of the two devices would you rather?

  • Andrea Zappa

    Since I already have the Kindle, I would rather have the iPad for Cyber Monday, or Christmas… But as a reader I want the Kindle, for remote computing and web usage I would want the iPad, for me it is not an interchangeable device. They are two different tools that each provide different experiences.