iPhone Ultrasn0w 4.2.1 Unlock: Update Live

Those that have been waiting for the latest iPhone unlock will be happy today, this is thanks to a tweet from “MuscleNerd”, which reports the new “ultrasn0w” is released. You can see the Twitter account here.

Those wanting to perform this iPhone unlock have been warned to read the entire blog post first, before starting any unlock. The carrier unlock is free and will work on both the iPhone 3G and 3GS, just as long as you have the 05.13.04 or earlier.

Like all unlocks like this you will not be able to go back, so make certain that you want to go ahead; not that it matters, as you void the warranty anyway. The Dev Team Blog has been very busy of late, as both the PwnageTool and redsn0w have now been updated; they say that you will now notice that the baseband is seamless.

Although this is huge news, it seems as if nothing can match how big a deal GreenPois0n was. Throughout September we had no idea when the Dev Team was going to release the unlock, I can remember friends telling me that they were looking on the GreenPois0n website at least 10 to 15 times per day.

So will you be performing the unlock?

  • mariobellini99

    hi i have jailbroken my 3gs with limera1n i have firmware 4.1 baseband 05.14.02 i have just installed ultrasn0w 2.1. the phone is left searching for a network. any ideas of what i have done wrong. or does not cover 05.14 .02 . or do i have to upgrade. many thanks mariobellini99

    • Cherrie

      05.14.02 is not yet unlockable

      But the 3G and 3GS old bootrom unlock will be released sometime early next week

      Hope this helped!

  • prakash

    Wat about the 5.15.04 for 4.2.1 version. Can we unlock this one?