Google Maps: New Bike Routes and Street View

If you are a biking fanatic and dont have a regular route, then you may be pleased by what Google has just done. The internet leader is preparing to bring out an updated version of their maps with a new street view and bike routes.

The app has been targeted at cyclists because of its recent popularity with the people in Silicon Valley, and Google is getting ready to roll it out in 9 different cities across Canada. According to CBC The biking tool has a colour-coded feature that highlights whether a route is bike-only, a dedicated bike lane along a road or a road without a bike lane that is suitable for biking.

The tool is expected to be out in Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Gatineau, Que., and Waterloo by the end of next week. Gary Beaton, the chief of a Calgary cycling group called Tour du Nuit Society, said the new app will be handy for people who don’t have a regular route or who are newcomers to a city. The cycling routes can be used on conjunction with Google Street View which will preview the desired route for the cyclist.

Are you a keen biker who will benefit from these cycling routes on Google Maps? Let us know if you will use this tool and whether you think it is a good idea by leaving a comment.