27-inch Apple iMac Upgrade: SSD

Being an Apple iMac user myself, I can give nothing but praise for it. It gives me a fast but yet easy way of working and it seems that this is the view shared by others, including that of Richard Lai at Engadget who is using the Core i7 27-inch iMac. Up until the last couple of weeks, his computer was a delight to work on but with regular freezing up, he has decided to upgrade it with a SSD.

The data storage device (SSD) 240GB OCZ Vertex 2 that arrived is packing a 3.5-inch SSD including a SandForce SF-1200 controller that incorporates a fantastic 285MB/275MB read and write speeds along with 50,000 IOPS for 4KB random write. Included with the new SSD, came a list of tools needed to fix the upgrade. After safely backing up his files onto the external drive, he dug out the tools including the suction cups he purchased, to remove the glass. Surprisingly enough, the glass cover was only held on with a handful of sturdy magnets around the border, so on lifting the glass with the suction cups, this needed no real effort. Richard then had to remove the eight Torx screws. On carefully doing this, the next step needed was to lift and hold the LCD assembly whilst disconnecting the four short cables underneath.

The hardest part was now over. The next step was to free the hard drive and transfer it’s Torx pins, bracket and EMI foam to the new SSD. From then onwards, things got slightly complicated. Richard found the SSD did not have a socket for the iMac’s two-pin thermal sensor plug. It was shortly after this stage, that the fan was running at a considerably constant high speed. Advice here, is to use “smcFanControl” to give the fan a little nudge from time to time, as the logic board cannot read the SSD temperature. To find out a more in-depth step by step guide, head on over to Engadget. On fitting the new SSD, it became apparent that booting time was now 20 seconds, pretty impressive, along with improved programs like iMovie and Photoshop.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you had to upgrade your SSD? To find out more and to check out the video log onto Engadget.