What if Twitter started in 1776, not 2006?

Can you imagine the carnage that Twitter would have caused if it was created back in 1776 instead of 2006? Now I know a lot of you will be thinking… What’s the point? Well the point is to have a bit of fun!

Imagine being back there and you are in the shoes of George Washington and what you might say? Well this is exactly what Mashable has done. They have created a comic strip of funny things that they may have said. One that did make me chuckle was what Mr.Washington may have said to Hancock and John Adams… it was as follows, @Hancock @ John Adams “Ug, my wig is totally crooked in every pic. Please don’t tag me.”

Another cracker was what Madison James may have said. Madison_James: “Hide yo kids, hide yo wife! RT@P_Revere: BREAKING: The British are Coming” brilliant. The illustrations on the site were by Kiersten Essenpreis and the things that they may have said were by Matt Silverman. Good job guys, you have used technology to brighten up my day! So head on over to mashable.com to read the full comic strip.

Can you think of something from another time that would have been said on Twitter well write it in the comments below and lets all have a laugh… remember, keep it clean.