Twitter #UKSnow: Plot the snow in your region on a map

Here in the U.K. we like to make a bit of a fuss when we get snow. It doesn’t happen so often that we have all the necessary equipment and resources to cope with it as in some countries, so when we do get snow we tend to see the country grind to a halt, and let’s face it that’s half the fun.

Now Ben Marsh has come up with an ingenious way of sharing your experiences of the snow by using Twitter. He has established a site called UKSnow where people can tweet away to their hearts content about the severe weather. So what makes this different? Well now people that tweet about the snow in their region can plot their co-ordinates and type of snowfall on a map, according to an article by Alexia Tsotsis over on TechCrunch.

You can also share your photographs with others to compete about who has the best snow and also users can rate the snow in their area so 0/10 means no snow (so why bother tweeting about it),while 3 or 4/10 means light snowfall and anything above 7 is a blizzard and the map updates itself every minute. If you really can’t wait to get home to start tweeting about the snow then there’s also a mobile version here.

For more on this go to As I’m currently in one of the only regions of the U.K. not to receive any snow yet I feel a bit left out, but that could all change and I might just be tempted to start tweeting. What are your experiences of the snow so far this winter? We’d love to hear from you so please send us your comments.