ChangeWave Consumer Electronics Survey – A Monster Holiday Season for Apple

It’s nearing Christmas! For many of us, this means a few weeks off of work or school, some precious family time and many expensive gifts. It also gives companies an excuse to sell as much of their products as they possibly can to us the consumer.

According to a survey by ChangeWave research 36% of people said that they would be purchasing a Mac this month. Compare that to Dell who had 19% of buyers and HP with 22% and you can plainly see that Apple have jumped ahead of their competition, probably thanks to the release of the Macbook Air.

Other results in Apple’s favour include the iPad, the iPhone and iPod’s (including the touch) being the top 3 on the list of must have devices for kids. Despite these numbers, only 5% of people surveyed said that they would be buying something from Apple’s range of iPod’s during the next 90 days.

If these results are transformed into sales, it looks like Apple will be having a very profitable Christmas, and they will be enjoying a successful new year! To check out the full ChangeWave report click here.