YouTube seek movie expansion with Miramax deal

Google’s video sharing site YouTube is looking to expand its movie streaming and so is in talks with the soon to be new owners of movie company Miramax. YouTube is looking for the streaming rights to their large catalogue of films.

The Miramax studio is expected to be bought out before December 10th, by Filmyard Holdings operated by Hollywood entrepreneur Ron Tutor and construction magnate Tom Barrack. Worldtvpc has reported that Miramax is responsible for blockbusters such as Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction and Clerks. If the deal comes off then it will make both Youtube and Google TV more appealing and allow the search engine to charge for rentals and or provide free with advertising bringing in more profit.

Presently Google TV is having trouble dishing out TV and movie content through its connected television and set-top box online service because the major TV networks have blocked streaming from their websites being shown on Google’s platform. We reported to you a short while ago that YouTube was going to give their viewers the option to skip the adverts that are shown before and during videos. To read more follow the link.

We will be watching this story closely to see if a deal develops, so look out for updates. Do you think a movie streaming deal with Miramax will benefit YouTube even more and help Google as a result? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.