Samsung Stealth V Specs: Galaxy S Successor?

A new Samsung phone has just been given the all clear from DLNA, while rumour mills have been grinding away at a possible Nexus S.This recently certified device could be a replacement for Samsung’s popular Galaxy S.

According to GSM Arena, the Android 2.2 Froyo handset packs a 4.3-inch AMOLED display with a capable 8MP camera. Other than the specs listed above Samsung’s SCH-i510 Stealth V also has Wi-Fi b/g/n along with the DLNA certification.

There had been talk of a new device using a 4.3 or even a 4.5-inch screen, although that was said to carry Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Problem is that these were just rumours and can often be mixed up further down the line.

However, if you look at Verizon’s Galaxy S (SCH-i500) it makes sense that the SCH-i510 would then become the new kid on the block. The chances are that the DLNA version was CDMA but we are sure a GSM device will follow shortly after. Whichever way you look at it, an addition to the Samsung range is a step forward for the successful Galaxy S.

Give us your thoughts on what you think could be the next device walking out of the Samsung stores? To find out more head on over to GSM Arena.

  • Samsung Sucks!!!

    Never Buy a Samsung Phone, they get you with the specs, but will lag far behind updating the software.
    Since I have owned my Galaxy S (4 months) my wifes iphone has received 2 os updates. Samsung is to busy to update your device!!!!!!!!!

    • Jeju Wando

      your wife sucks and you suck you twat.only a twat like you two would use a poxy iphone.Samsung is the best and offer far better handsets and value for money.

  • yeah

    Samsung is great! the above comment fails.

  • M.L.

    I agree with poster number 1. Samsung is very poor at taking care of their customers once you have made a purchase. Updates and support are a joke from Samsung! While most other phones have the Froyo 2.2 update Samsung has made to feeble attemps to upgrade only to be pulled back because they were faulty. To big a company with their fingers in to many pies to be able to support any of them well. I will NEVER buy another (any) Samsung product period!

  • LdG

    4.3 android with DLNA for at&t? I'm waiting for one until the end of this year, please.

  • Sean Laney

    I agree with the first poster as well. I had a Nexus One with Froyo, and it is miles better than my Vibrant, which is still sitting here with 2.1. It took forever to get them to fix the GPS problem, and the map still freezes up intermittently.

  • Gianni

    i agree that Samsung doesn't take of the customers following purchase. it's B.S. that they continue to leak seady ROMS to keep us busy until this ploy comes discovered.

    If Samsung doesn't offer a 2.2 release before this new phone hits the market, I hope nobody will buy it. At first glance, I immediately want the phone but Samsung has some obligations to live up to before I spend more money.

    Hey Samsung, how is that GPS fix coming? Can I get that soon, please? Oh and sprinkle a little FROYO on top and howabout a discount off the new phone for T-Mobile customers who just bought your precious Vibrant phone which DOES NOT work with T-mo's new high speed network or HSPA+. I need that new phone if I want to enjoy using my phone as a wireless hot spot for my laptop.

    Cmon Samsung, wake up!

    • Sam

      It's not Samsung's fault that it doesn't work with HSPA+, it's hardly rolled out anywhere yet, why increase the cost for everyone when very few will be able to use it. I almost went with the Sprint Epic 4G version, but wasn't happy paying an extra $10 a month when they don't offer 4G in my area and by the time a 2 year contract is up, they still may not.

  • Gianni

    note to subscribe to all new comments

  • Anonymous

    Samsung sucks. My galaxy s lags terribly, and they flaked on the 2.2 update numerous times >.< Ug!!!!

  • Breen

    I will never buy another Samsung phone again. I was warned by someone else, but fell for the galaxy s. More fool me.

  • fascinateman

    hahaaaaa i love my samsung fascinate….but its no longer bloat filled and lagged out!!! SEE THE LIGHT!!! come one come all to xda and find salvation for your galaxy s device lol run froyo roms!!!! flash the most powerful eclair roms you'll ever see! install voodoo kernels that seriously increase the R-W process on your phone for improved performance!!!! will i buy this new samsung phone? probably. why? because the guys at xda will make what samsung does wrong…RIGHT!!!

  • john

    samsung is allright they r not that bad