Google Wave back From Extinction: Apache Proposal

Previously we have brought you where the Google Wave went wrong as well as if it were to be re-incarnated that it could be a competitor to Facebook. Well it looks like it could be on it’s way back after Google previously ended any further development on the project, this time Apache are taking it up.

Google Wave was considered by Mashable’s Ben Parr as an email killer and he also thought it would either succeed spectacularly or completely bomb. He believes it completely bombed. Well now there is this new proposal from Apache, the Google Wave could resurface and do well.

At this stage it is still a proposal however if Apache succeed in pulling across the core code to a compatible format so that development can continue then it will become a much more realistic project rather than a challenge.

There was an interesting comment made on Ben’s post by “ronstaufferjr” which I have to agree with, the comment is as follows. “C.’mon… Google Wave being shuttered wasn’t a surprise—anything deemed a fill-in-the-blank “killer” is almost doomed to fail. There is no demand for product “killers.” There’s only a demand for “killer products.” Spot on mate.

To read more about this head on over to as Ben has also included further information around it. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.