Boxee Box Enjoy New Firmware Update

Media streamer Boxee Box has received excellent reviews since it’s release, but has had it’s fair share of minor glitches. Luckily the team at Boxee are on top of their game and announced a major firmware update to address these issues.

Pocket-lint confirms that the update will improve TED and web browser black screen, along with Facebook friends feed and local thumbnail support with optional user selected slide-show. These are just a few of the changes made, to check out the list of around 60 different updates have a look at Boxee blog.

If you have a Boxee Box then your system will be updated automatically within 24 hours, or you can select the update straight away by going through the Settings menu to Systems Update.

Boxee Box is a great way to access and play your media content, be it from a USB drive, network or SD card. You can also use it to stream directly from sites like YouTube or BBC iPlayer. Main competition comes from the likes of Apple TV, Roku and Google TV, but with this latest update Boxee Box will be a difficult one to beat.

Let us know if you’re a Boxee Box fan, what problems if any have you experienced and do you see that the firmware update will secure your love for the media-streaming device?