OnLive Game System Thanksgiving Gifts – Giving back

Here’s a story to warm your heart on Thanksgiving Day as it involves a company thanking its early users. Now that’s not something you hear every day. What’s more the company says without the faith of its early members it could not have succeeded.

The company in question is OnLive and it dubs its early cloud gaming service users ‘Founding Members’. If you’re a founding member and have purchased licenses for at least two games from OnLive then the company want to thank you with a gift of a free MicroConsole worth $99, according to Vlad Savov over on Engadget, sourced from OnLive.

Those people who qualify for this gift should pre-order it now and will get it for nothing except for the delivery cost. Even if you have only bought one PlayPass from OnLive you’ll get a thank you, albeit smaller, as the company will give you a Full Play Pass absolutely free instead of the MicroConsole. These offers will end on November 30.

For more on this go to It’s great to hear of a company giving back. What company do you think should give something back to its customers and what should they give? It would be interesting to hear your suggestions so why not send us your comments.