Roku XDS has everything covered

We almost seem overrun with connected devices at the moment what with games consoles, Apple TV, Boxee Box, Google TV, Blu-Ray players and many more, so it might be difficult for some to decide what to add to their wish lists for this holiday shopping season. Which device might be best then for those who want to easily access online content or networked content on their HDTV’s?

A useful article by Christina Warren over on Mashable points out the merits of the Roku XDS and makes a convincing case for the device over some of the others available with affordability and versatility, support for Hulu Plus and Netflix plus an expanding library of content being major plus points. The Roku XDS is the most expensive of the three Roku models at $99.99 but along with supporting HD video and having Wi-Fi built-in the XDS also supports 1080p HD video along with Wireless-N Wi-Fi.

On top of all that the Roku XDS also has an included USB port allowing users to play music, videos and photos and has dual-band wireless. It’s also compact and what is particularly good about the Roku XDS, as opposed to some other set-top boxes, is that the interface and video are useable with remote control. Content too is where the Roku device excels as Apple TV for example only carries iTunes, YouTube and Netflix whereas using Roku means you not only have access to Hulu Plus and Netflix, but also you’re able to access live sports or rent a movie from Amazon.

The case for the Roku XDS is certainly made extremely well in the full article which you can see at What are your thoughts on this? Why not send us your comments to let us know if you’re convinced by the Roku XDS.