Diaspora Alpha: Facebook Rival Live – Another Social Network

Previously we have brought you news about the likes of Facebook failing privacy reports and that it is perhaps open to malware, not only that but they now have a new contender in town. It is called Diaspora, not quite as much of a catchy name but if the security is better I would consider switching. So lets have a look.

Diaspora has already started inviting a select few potential users to join it blank pages, a good developers move as they can stop any problems getting to the site straight away without being brandished a failure. If you want to sign up for an invite then click here. We first learned about Diaspora back towards the end of August when we brought you the news that Diaspora was coming, then further to that in September we informed you that they had shared some source code and screenshots.

So how did the idea come about? Some students in NYC thought the site up and have worked with some other developers to get to the alpha stage. If this ends up being secure it could in fact blow the big guns like Facebook out of the water, although depending on their full design it may not effect the likes of Twitter as this is a slightly different type of social network.

Have you been invited to Diaspora? What do you think of it so far? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.