BlackBerry’s UberTwitter Now On iPhone

Recently we have brought you some new apps on the iPhone such as the iFeast app for Thanksgiving and also various apps for The Ashes. Well now we are bringing you a new app for the iPhone in the UberTwitter.

Previously this was only available on the BlackBerry devices but not anymore! The UberTwitter app is also now available on the iPhone! So what is so great about this when you compare it to the Twitter app that is already available?

Well it has all of the normal Twitter features, such as Tweeting and Re-Tweeting but now the UberTwitter offers the an extra one. It offers you the UberView, this gives you the ability to look at linked or an embedded link with a tap on the Tweet. For more information about some of its features have a look at where Stan Schroeder has written an article on it. Alternatively just head for the app store and get downloading by clicking here.

What do you think of the UberTwitter app? Are you an ex BlackBerry user who is happy to see a familiar app? Let me know in the comments below.