Anti-Sleep pilot: Stops you nodding off at the wheel

We’ve all heard about dangerous driving habits and if you’ve ever driven long distances and felt yourself start to drift off to sleep at the wheel you’ll know how easy it can be to do but help is at hand in the form of a new gizmo, the Anti Sleep Pilot. This could be a great idea for a gift for the holiday season if it’s released in time for the U.S. It’s already been released in Denmark so I would imagine it won’t take long to hit the shelves elsewhere.

It’s been designed to try to cut down on the amount of accidents caused by drivers falling asleep at the wheel and aims to prevent driver fatigue. It does this by regularly performing tests on the driver which simply require a tap on the device. The Anti Sleep Pilot even switches itself on and off by picking up movements from the car according to Donald Melanson over on Engadget, sourced from Anti Sleep Pilot.

Not only will the tests keep a driver alert but when you really need to take a break the device will let you know as it’s capable of overseeing reaction times. Prices other than Denmark have not been released yet but as a direct conversion of the price there it would cost $270. That doesn’t sound like too much money if it prevents lives being lost.

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