Social Marketing And It’s Future: All Change?

Previously we have brought you news on different marketing techniques that you can deploy for your small business as well as the effects of social media in the work place, but is this all about to change, or is this definitely the way forward?

Let’s have a look at social marketing’s future, I mean I would find it hard to believe that these days, the way that technology has moved forward that that you would ever hear marketing without social in the same sentence. Perhaps there will be a new name for social marketing… how is… Marketing?

The way that social networking sites have revolutionized marketing is quite astonishing, but it is only due to their ever growing popularity and marketability that this has been able to happen. As stats have it, 1 in every 4 web pages searched in the US is a Facebook page. Pretty amazing when you think how long the site has been around.

One thing that may happen though is that businesses that AREN’T on social networking sites may grow purely because they are not on there, it makes them different, although I am not sure that would happen too often, it would be a minor amount in the business world. Even big companies like my previous one Pfizer have a Facebook page.

Tara DeMarco has written an article on “The end of “social” marketing” which you can read here, I have to say, I think the term will be ever existent as it is completely different to any other marketing techniques used in the past before the Internet. What do you guys think, I am intrigued to hear your thoughts on Tara’s article, so let us know in the comments below.

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    Thanks for the mention! Excited to see what your readers think.