National Opt Out Day Goes Social: How Do You Feel?

There has been an awful lot of hype online recently surrounding the TSA and the new heightened level of airport security, that now includes full body scanners and “enhanced pat-downs.” Many of you have probably heard of tomorrow’s (Wednesday, November 24th) “National Opt-Out Day” as well.

According to a recent report over at, “National Opt-Out Day” – which is being backed by several passenger groups including We Won’t Fly – has been getting a lot of coverage in the US media recently, thanks to social media, blogs and YouTube videos.

In fact, both We Won’t Fly and National Opt-Out Day have gained thousands of followers on social networking websites Twitter and Facebook. Over 2,000 people have said that they will be attending the National Opt Out Day event. So what is this “National Opt Out Day” all about you ask?

Basically, the aim of National Opt Out Day is to send a message to the lawmakers and the government, that changes need to be made. The cause is encouraging people to “opt out” of the full naked body scanning machines, and go for the “enhanced pat down” instead.

You can read more about National Opt Out Day via How do you feel about the new security levels at airports? Will you be taking part in National Opt Out Day?