Verizon’s New FiOS Internet Service: Faster Than Rivals

It looks like Verizon are at it again, not only are they retailing the iPad in their stores and trying to get hold of the iPhone on their network, now they are now aiming to shoot down the Internet Service Provider world.

Verizon are looking to offer a service that triples the best efforts that any other provider can give. The download rate of its FiOS Internet speed will be 150 megabits per second. This is somewhere in the region of 50 times quicker than that of your average DSL line. Pretty amazing stuff Verizon!

With this going ahead it means that Verizon can crown themselves the fastest ISP around as it’s nearest competitors Cablevision Systems Corp and Comcast Corp can only offer maximum speeds of 100 megabits per second. You can view where we got our information from by clicking here.

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