Social Media Events: Planning Your Conference

With the entire world taking advantage of social media it makes complete sense for people to be using it for conferences and different events. Recently there was an interesting article that has brought media attention to Meaghan Edelstein and her blog “I Kicked Cancer’s Ass” this is a brilliant article that documents Meaghan’s fight against Cancer which you can read here.

Now then, conferencing and social media, it can be used to firstly connect people and also give people an idea of who they would be talking to by viewing a profile. Another major advantage is generally it’s a zero cost marketing technique with the opportunity to expand a conference to help people not even present to get involved.

For me, it also puts a bit more “Fun” into a business situation. Sometimes from experience you can get bogged down by setting up meetings with various people and getting people on teleconferences but using social media is innovative and puts a different perspective on things. If you are viewing a business colleague’s profile it could also help you put that ever important face to a name.

To read more about this head over to and read on. Do you think that social media could be used in a more advantageous way? Let us know in the comments below.