iPod Nano Watch Proves A Big Hit With “KickStarter”

Back in September we reported on Apple bringing a new concept to us, the “iPod Nano Watch.” I have to say I was a little sceptical about how this would work and what impact it would have on Apple fans, but today my views may be about to change.

It seems that with a substantial amount in funding of $200,000 from Kickstarter, this idea of converting an iPod Nano to a watch must be a profitable idea. As a starting point, there are two designs TikTok and amusingly named LunaTik. These come direct from Chicago-based company MINIMAL from their design studios. Christina at Mashable reported that founder “Scott Wilson” explains in a video, that his team design various additions for big players such as Xbox and Dell, but their passion is to produce their own products such as the LCD-based wrist watch. On looking at the video, you can see that the watch works on a “Snap-in design” principle. The only downside I can see to this is the use of headphones and tangling of wires, a view that Engadget seem to share. Check out their own review.

If you are convinced, then the TikTok will be retailing for $34.95 and the LunaTik for $69.95. Both items can be pre-ordered.

Are you tempted? What positives and negatives can you see from this? Let us know. To find out more with the video head on over to Mashable.