iOS 4.2 iPad With AirPlay: Minor Limitations

Ok guys, the iOS 4.2 update is officially available on the Apple website, to be directed click here. We have been reading though various articles on this, one that really caught my eye was regarding the limitations of the AirPlay.

You might be wondering… What is AirPlay? AirPlay is the ability to stream to Apple TV video and photos. So how is this even relevant to the iPad? Well as long as you have Apple devices connected to the same wireless network they will automatically pick each other up.

Once they are detected you will be able to flick up photos and other media onto your television screen by using the new functionality. All you need to do is tap the AirPlay icon and then select the Apple TV. Simple stuff, but great functionality to show your mates. Now onto the minor limitations of AirPlay, you cannot stream from your Apple TV to your iPad, it is a 1 way link. To read more about the limitations head over to where Tim Gideon and PJ Jacobowitz have done a full round up on the new AirPlay functionality.

Have you downloaded the update already? What do you think of the new functionality brought by iOS 4.2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • alawax

    sound only and no video. cant airplay my photo neither….