How To Improve Your Android Smartphone: 12 Apps

Whether you own an Apple iPhone or a Google Android-based smartphone, you will always find apps that can make your life easier in one way or another. There are also plenty of apps available that will help improve your Android smartphone, such as boost the handset’s battery life.

For example, a report by JR Raphael over at gives us information on the JuiceDefender application. This app will allow you to optimize the handset’s power configuration, and automatically turn off power-draining features such as Wi-Fi when you’re out of network range.

On the other hand, maybe you’d like an app that allows you to tell your smartphone what to do by voice commands. If that’s the case, then Google’s Voice Actions for Android app might just be for you. The app includes phrases to call your contacts, open websites and even play music.

Another app available for your Android smartphone is Folder Organizer, which will allow you to completely customize folders with new icons and appearances. This means that you can group together similar apps etc into separate folders, making it easier and faster to find.

Some of the other apps mentioned in the article include LauncherPro, WaveSecure and LastPass. For more information on these apps and others available, visit What apps do you like the sound of? Have you downloaded any of these apps already?