Google to offer skippable ads on YouTube videos

Have you noticed over the past months just as you are about to put your feet up and enjoy a nice video on YouTube it is interrupted by a pesky 30 second advertisement? Well that could be about to change as Big Mouth Media reports that Google may be about to offer you the option to skip the ads.

YouTube users will be given the choice to skip the ad or select one of three options, which is choosing the ad they’d most like to view when accessing short-form content, users viewing longer videos will be able to decide whether to watch with ad breaks, or ad-free after watching a few precursory commercials.

It has been reported that some advertisers are unhappy that users will now have the option to bypass their commercials but Google’s senior product manager Phil Farhi has responded to this by claiming that because these advertisers are not paying to have their ads shown it stops them from having this initial feeling. You can see more of what Farhi had to say by visiting Big Mouth Media.

What are your feelings on the advertisements on YouTube videos? Are they an irritation or are they useful to you? Tell us what you think in the comments.

  • Bluedrake42

    uh… they're irritating, how would they be anything else