Facebook Celebrate 100 Million App Downloads Via GetJar

Facebook, listed as the number one social networking site, is now got another reason to celebrate. As well as pulling in some 500 million users to its site since its initial launch, it is now topping the list of mobile app downloads with the assistance of GetJar’s app store.

Back in April time, indications showed that numbers had reached an impressive 50 million downloads, making it the all time winner in terms of mobile downloadable apps from a single app store. For those who choose to use this, the appeal has got to be the easy and quick process of assessing the download page of an app. Robin at TechCrunch has reported that Facebook users with any make or model of mobile phone, can click onto GetJar’s App It link which will automatically transfer you to the page needed with a simple URL. Then the process begins of the app being downloaded.

GetJar are very proud with their service seeing some 3 million downloads per day which makes it a comparatively big competitor against Nokia’s Ovi Store. Coupled with this, statistical information shows that apart from Android’s growing interest, it has been Nokia that has seen 50% of the 100 million app downloads sent to their handsets.

Congratulations to Facebook and GetJar! What are your thoughts on this news? Let us know. To find out more in-depth information on this, head on over to TechCrunch.