Angry Birds Arrives On YouTube Viral Video

One of the most addictive games I have ever played on the iPhone the “Angry Birds” has now gone viral on networking site YouTube. The popular game shows a group of nasty pigs stealing away bird eggs and hiding them in fortresses, to then get outwitted by the birds on a mission to reclaim their precious eggs.

In a new but yet interesting concept, the video depicts the two groups, the pigs and the birds airing out their differences. Ben Parr at Mashable said, the short two and a half minute viral video created by Erez Nehederet, sees the two sitting at opposite sides of a boardroom table with a mediator trying to get the two to form friendships, which does not happen.

We reported last month on developers of the game ” Rovio,” announcing some 1 million Android downloads in just one day, and this is set to increase. I played the game for the first time the other day, and I have to say nobody else got a look in after that!

Are you an Angry Birds fan? Tell us how far you have managed to get in the game? Check out the video over at Mashable. Be Warned there is some NSFW language.

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    Do something about the white on white backgrounds have no.idea what is supposed to ne there :(