Integrated SIM card on iPad 3G: Release before Christmas?

An interesting story has cropped up today that seems to suggest that an iPad 3G will soon be available with an integrated SIM card. Sources are reporting that this new version of the iPad will be may be released as early as before Christmas, or alternatively in early 2011.

This news comes in an article over on Mashable by Stan Shroeder, sourced from a report in The Sunday Telegraph. Apple had wanted to release an iPhone with an integrated SIM card too, as opposed to a micro SIM as it has now. This would have allowed Apple to cut out the carriers from the purchasing process and Apple could have sold the handsets direct to the customer, leaving the consumer to decide at leisure the carrier of their choice.

Apparently Apple has now all but given up on an iPhone with an integrated SIM card because of the opposition from carriers who subsidize sales of the iPhone but as iPad’s are not subsidized by carriers such as AT&T, Apple does not have the same problems with similar plans for the iPad, hence the release of an iPad 3G with integrated SIM card looks set to go ahead.

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