$500,000 Worth Of Sony Gaming Goods Stolen

There’s a few individuals somewhere in Ontario that today will be rubbing their hands together with a huge grin on their faces, for news has come through that $500,000 worth of Sony goods has been stolen.

If it isn’t enough that they were pinched but it appears that they went from right under the noses from workers at a shipping factory in Brampton, Ontario. At the beginning of the week, a trailer which was holding the goods was found to be stolen. According to Tim Stevens at Engadget, with preventative measures put in place, it was hoped that this would not happen again, but low and behold, the very next day, the thieves were back. Yet another trailer was taken, consisting of more PSP and PlayStation 3 games plus hardware.

It seems unless the goods are located and the culprits found, they will in particular be having an extra special Christmas.

Sure enough there are plenty of times when we have to wait for that one ultimate game or console, but this is pretty extreme measures! What do you think? To find out more log onto Engadget.