Windows Phone 7 Release New “Halo Waypoint” App

Windows Phone 7 has released its Halo Waypoint app, allowing Halo follows the ability to obtain videos, pictures and other Halo-based community information wherever they are.

Waypoint isn’t a new thing, as Pocket-Lint states, Xbox 360 users have been able to download it for free via XBLA. But making it available through the WP7 Marketplace, has given it much more flexibility.

Using the free app, fans can gain access to various Halo extras like interviews and other content. It’s also possible to get Twitter updates whilst keeping a record of your progress, stats and achievements throughout the Halo games.

So what are you waiting for Halo fans? Grab yourself the latest Windows Phone 7 technology and get hold of Halo Waypoint for the ultimate full-time Halo experience.