Twitter People Tab: Gets You More Friends

The People tab is being rolled out on Twitter’s pages and will be placed next Profile, Messages and Home on the home page. It sounds pretty similar to the friend suggestion tool that is already working away on Facebook, but as ever Twitter have made it a little different.

You can get new Twitter friends through LinkedIn, Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail as it suggests them for you as well as being able to search Twitter users through interests. This could solve a major issue that Twitter users have been facing as it will give you a new way to follow people.

The thing is if you have been using Twitter for some time, then you have already built up your network which is why I think this is more aimed at new users. To read more about this and to view screenshots of what this looks like then head over to Mashable by clicking here.

Would you find this useful on your Twitter? Let us know in the comments below.