School Work Hit: Online Social Networking the Cause?

A recent survey carried out by JCA is suggesting that pupil’s work isn’t as good as it should be and teachers are suggesting that it is due to social networking. The actually believe that kids flash through their homework just so they can sit and chat to their friends online.

I can understand all of this as in a world that has moved forward so much technologically do kids really want to sit doing homework when the online world is such a big distraction. Surely you would get similar results if you were to do the same survey in the work place.

According to the website 58% of the teachers think that the spelling is suffering in this age. Again, understandable with ‘text lingo’ and online chat where words are often shortened. But surely their IT skills are coming along nicely!

Head on over to to read through more of these surveyed result. Interesting stuff but to be honest… expected. Let me know if you agree in the comments below.