Next gen Android phones to be run on new Snapdragon chip

It has been announced that Android’s next generation of smartphones will all run on the new Snapdragon processor according to Cnet. The processor is built by family company Qualcomm and they are currently working on more advanced chips that will also power more Android phones and tablets.

The MSM8960 which is a dual-core chip that uses an upgraded CPU core is set for launch next year and is dubbed to provide five times better performance than the very first Snapdragon chip, at 75 per cent less power. This aspect is important as one of the highest complaints about Android devices are its wretched battery life.

The MSM8960 is going to be up against ARM’s Cortex-A9 processor, which is expected to power the iPad 2 and the Tegra 2, which will be found in future LG and Motorola devices. With Google constantly updating its Android software and putting in additional features, 2011’s devices are going to need something extra special.

Qualcomm has said that 55 devices out on the market are powered by Snapdragon and over 125 are being designed with its chips, with ten companies working on tablet devices. Some of the devices you may know that are run by Snapdragon include the HTC Desire HD, Google Nexus One and Windows Phone 7 devices. Will an upgraded Snapdragon processor improve Android devices in your opinion? Tell us by leaving your comments.

  • Lila Truck

    You should check your info. The MSM8960 is not just going to be up against other Arm chips it is an A-9 arm chip. As a journalist you should be giving us the facts instead of the other way around.Also You didn't write this but you posted it: "Android’s next generation of smartphones will all run on the new Snapdragon processor according to Cnet." . Really All of them? get a grip I think that maybe Texas Instruments,Samsung and Nvidia might just disagree.