Microsoft’s Windows celebrates its 25th Birthday

Microsoft’s Windows is celebrating its 25th birthday today, and it is amazing how far it has come since its creation by Bill Gates and Paul Allen back in 1985.

The big story started when Gates and Allen formed Microsoft back in 1975, little did they know they were creating one of the biggest companies in the world. 5 years later IMB went to Microsoft about developing an operating system for its line of personal computers. Previously Microsoft had never created an OS so they purchased one instead called QDOS or “Quick and Dirty Operating System”. They then changed the name to MS Disk Operating System, and licensed it to IBM.

Cnet reports that Microsoft Windows was announced on 1983 and version 1.0 launched two years later. Windows 2.0 followed on December 9, 1987. Version 3.0 came along on May 22, 1990, by which time Windows was well on the way to dominating the tech market. 3.0 and its successor 3.1 sold 10 million copies, driven by the rise of computers with an Intel 386 processor. Windows 95 added the Start button, taskbar, minimize, maximize, and close buttons on August 24, 1995 which was then followed by USB and DVD support drives on June 25, 1998.

We saw Windows XP make its debut on October 25, 2001, and it was the first version to offer a Media Center and Tablet PC editions. Finally we are almost up to date as we see Windows Vista’s launch in 2006, although we dont have an exact release date because it was pushed out in stages to developers and manufacturers before being sold in shops. 3 years later we see Microsoft’s latest OS, Windows 7 in all its glory. Again no exact launch date is known for the same reason. Windows 8 is said to be in the works and is due out in 2012.

So that is a brief summary of how Microsoft’s Windows has progressed since it was born 25 years ago. Those guys have shaped the way technology is today and as a result made themselves worth billions; everyone wins! What are your experiences of Windows as it has progressed and improved over the years? Leave us your comments telling us when you first started using Microsoft’s products and what you think of them.