Kinect or PS Move this Christmas: How about both?

With the Christmas holidays only 5 weeks away and most notably Black Friday just around the corner, it seems like a good time to window shop and look out for the latest gadget stocking fillers. Two of the biggest selling games devices which will be sitting under the tree this year are the XBox Kinect and Playstation Move accessories.

The big question is which one you are going to get if not both, for those of you who simply cant choose. If you do decide to buy both and want to know which to play first then take a few tips off of the YouTube user SpikeDaPenguin who has uploaded a brilliant video of himself playing both at the same time! Take a look at the video we have embedded for you below, courtesy of Electric Pig.

Both devices require the players body movements to control the game, which take the gaming experience to an all new interactive level following on from the success of the Nintendo Wii. The Kinect is totally hands free as you are the controller; however the Move does require a controller (or 2) to the big disappointment of some users. The big flaw with the Kinect is that you must be standing at least 6 feet away from motion sensor for it to work, so prepare for couch and furniture shuffling in your living room.

Overall both gadgets are well worth a buy and will provide entertainment for the whole family this Christmas. They are both very reasonably priced and are being offered in bundle packs in plenty of game stores, so look out for these deals and huge savings during Black Friday 2010. Let us know in the comments which you will buy this Christmas is not both or even any.