iPod Touch & iPhone: Receive “Snow And Ski Report Update” App

REI, developers of Snow and Ski Report has just given their app a major update after it’s great success over the past two years. The app which is downloadable from iTunes is available for iPhone and iPod Touch.

It has been a must have for the avid skier, allowing them to get access to weather conditions from their favourite resort. Mashable reports that with new improvements, snow lovers can now get push notifications, upgraded social integration and a sharper high resolution interface, to work better with devices carrying retina-display.

Developed by REI with the help of Zumobi, Snow and Ski Report is the ideal way for users to get information on weather, new snowfall reports, maps of trails and even live web cam shots of their chosen resort. The push notifications can be set to specific resorts, adding updates of snowfall or weather conditions, this information can also be turned off if necessary.

With improved social integration you can share your findings with your social networking pals through Twitter, Facebook or just through email. If you love to ski then there really is no excuse not to download this app. Tell us if the improved Snow and Ski Report could help you when checking out your favourite resort destination?