Mobile Game “Cut The Rope” Celebrates 3 Million Downloads

Back in October we reported on the iPhone app “Cut the Rope” enjoying some 1 million downloads in just 10 days. Today, developers Chillingo are celebrating an increase to a magnificent 3 million.

According to Darren Allan at TechWatch, Chillingo publishers of the first Angry Birds are pleased with the outcome. Following on from this achieved milestone, developers ZeptoLab has reported that a 1.1 update to the game will be released giving new features such as 25 new spaceship levels and anti-gravity, plus great graphics incorporating Retina display.

The aim of the addictive, easy to play game, is to feed the monster “Om Nom” pieces of candy which the player does by cutting a rope and dangling the sweetie in front of him. There are different levels to the game each having their own obstacles, three stars and of course the candy. The player will need to be on their toes as the candy has to touch the stars. The stars can be moved with the aid of balloons, the player blowing them or popping them with spikes. Looking at the game itself and the fun factor involved, I do not think the game has had another credit. Check it out this weekend.

Have you played Cut the Rope, or are you addicted to Angry Birds? Let us know. To find out more log onto TechWatch.