Gaming Sales Drop October, Xbox Outshines PS3 & Wii

As more and more people involve themselves in the world of gaming, over the last few years there has been a dramatic change in consoles, from your normal hand held controllers to the latest motion sensing Kinect systems. Gaming has reached out to all age groups from your hardcore shoot them up gamers right down to individuals using their games console to get fit.

In a recent report from NPD, in the month of October, sales of gaming consoles in America dropped compared to software and accessory sales. Statistical information shows that in relation to software sales this rose by 6%, accessory sales went up by 18% but consoles dropped by 26%. As an overall monthly figure, sales within the whole gaming spectrum dropped by 4%. According to Zach at BGR, although this appeared to be the case, Microsoft’s Xbox still managed to attract many customers giving it precedence over the Nintendo Wii and Sony’s PS3.

Xbox’s latest edition the Kinect, has sold an impressive 1 million units as well as over 4 million expected to be sold by year end.

Are you a reborn gamer, what do you use your console for? Let us know. To find out more including NPD’s top 10 game titles check out BGR.