Facebook Gift Card On Sale In UK Retail Stores

Back in September, Matt at OSM spoke about Facebook Credits being available in US stores such as Target, Best Buy and Walmart. The new gift card currency allows the customer to purchase virtual objects from Facebook such as games, gifts and goods within your apps. Today news has come through that Tesco and Game stores within the UK are now offering the same experience.

According to Metro, Product Manager for Facebook Credits and Games at Facebook, “Deborah Liu” has said, “The company was considering expanding the system to third-party websites via Facebook Connect. Someday it’s something that we would consider but there’s a lot we want to do on Facebook.com for now.” It is hoped that the new gift card will put some parents’ minds at ease as they can now monitor what their child is doing on the site.

With two of the biggest retailers in the UK behind the gift card idea, it’s no surprise that Head of Cards at Tesco Bank “Euan Ballantyne” has said, “We now offer a range of gift cards and social gaming is becoming increasingly popular, so we are pleased to offer what might be an ideal Christmas present.”

Are you struggling over what to buy your loved ones at Christmas time? With such an increase in user numbers on networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, will this be a good gift idea? Let us know. Head on over to Metro.

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    l think its good idea and might work very well but lets wait and see