Should Microsoft Buy Facebook?

Do you think it would make sense for Microsoft to buy Facebook? You might be having a quiet chuckle to yourself after reading that but there are a number of similarities and anomalies that are shared by the two giants.

Back on the November 15th Facebook announced that they are releasing a messaging system that won’t be a competitor to the likes of Gmail and Hotmail but will offer something different. This recent development has made Facebook a little more attractive as it doesn’t only have to be used to chat to all your old school friends who you may not have seen in a number of years, or to family members across the world.

So why would Microsoft want it? Well they do already work closely with Facebook and Bing where you can search for things on Bing and any pages that your friends have ‘Liked’ you can see their faces next to it. The same thing works on a Facebook search. Microsoft have the financial backing to make the purchase and in fact already own a small part of Facebook. In 2007 bought a 1.6% stake in their business for a staggering $240 million.

What would be the downside of this actually happening? Well for starters they may lose quite a few users through Apple not wanting to be a part of it, but perhaps Apple would then consider their own social networking site like Facebook. For more reasons as to why Microsoft should by Facebook head over to Don Reisinger’s article.

This is all pie in the sky at the moment but what do you think about these ideas? Let us know what you think in the comments below.