Official Walmart 2010 Black Friday Ad

Previously we have brought you leaked Ad Scans for Walmart and Black Friday including an interactive one, well now its official! The Walmart Ad Scan is now available from Walmart it’s self. It looks like they have some great deals too.

Walmart have produced a different type of Ad Scan where you can actually turn the pages by clicking on the bottom left and right hand corners. The advert contains just about everything you can think of, just a couple of things that I have plucked out as they caught my eye were the Xbox 360 Kinect for $149, countless televisions and an iPod Touch for $225 (which is $2 more than their current specials).

This is one of the best ads I have seen purely for the total number of deals they are offering, 24 pages packed full of them. Notably on the final page, it says “All items on this page available Saturday Only starting at 6am, While Supplies Last”, where as on the front page of the ad it says, “Available Friday 5to11am While Supplies last” brilliant!

Are you going to be heading to Walmart on Black Friday? Do any of these deals stand out to you?