New Sharp 3D Phones In 2011: India, China and US

Are you like me and have been wondering how long it would be until we have 3D screens on our mobile phones? Well Sharp plan to be releasing them in 2011 in India, China and the US. The phones are said to be on the Android platform.

Apparently they tech will debut next month on the Softbank-bound Android handsets. So what does this mean for you? Will you have to walk around and every time you need to look at your phone put on a set of those goofy glasses?

Engadget has told a little about the specs of the phones and by the sounds of things, they could be the new competitors in a crowded market, and why is that… because they are brining something new. Not only do they have a 3D screen but both phones will come with either and 8 or 9.6 mega pixel camera, 3.8” screens at 800×480 resolution. To read more about this, head over to Engadget where Vlad Savov has written about the two phones.

Would this revolutionize mobile technology? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

  • wanting3D

    This will be very cool taking pictures in 3D and viewing 3D games and videos, for this would be a great when nothing to do or killing time on a business trip!

    • wanting3D

      Now these two phones have to come to Canada and the US.