Macy’s Black Friday 2010: Discovery Expedition 1625075 Projector

We are continuing to bring you some of the best bargains and ad scans for Black Friday 2010 here at OSM, and the next hot item is a Discovery Expedition Projector. Earlier we saw a $200 saving on an HP laptop and an amazing deal with a Samsung Fascinate up for grabs for just $1!

You can now pick up a top of the range Discovery Expedition 1625075 Projector for just $69.99 when it normally costs $119.99 from retailers like Macy’s. Black Friday 2010 is fast approaching and there are so many deals to be had and this is one of the best. You can see the flashy projector in the image above provided courtesy of Wonderwall.

The Discovery Expedition Projector includes built-in stereo sound, a control panel with A/V inputs, headphone jack, adjustable contrast and color, volume control and power on/off, 480 x 240 DPO resolution and of course it connects to TVs, DVD players, video game consoles and more devices. See Macy’s for more details on specification and warranty.

Is there a place in your home for one of these super projectors? If so then this is the perfect time to pick one up. If you are thinking of getting one or already have then tell us in the comments.