Windows Phone 7 Update: Wish List

There have been many good things said about the Windows Phone 7 since its release but now we are getting into what some people wish it had. Perhaps if this kind of article takes off then people will listen to what you all want brought into the next update.

A few of the things mentioned in an article over at arstechnica by Peter Bright are around expanding the Hubs, interoperating with the rest of the Microsoft ecosystem and bringing in a roadmap. Peter says that the Hub is one of the major features of Windows Phone 7 and that it is too limited.

When Peter says about interoperating with the rest of the Microsoft ecosystem he is talking about bringing a handset into a network with Pcs, Xbox 360s and sounds like he wants to be able to operate these devices using his phone and even play back content. This sounds kind of like the link between the PlayStation 3 and the PSP.

For an interesting read head over to Peter Bright’s article and see what you think. How easy do you think it would be for Microsoft to bring in all of these features? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Juno

    Windows Phone 7 is completely problematic because of its missing features.

    You can Google to find out what the missing features are. It's going to take Microsoft at least a year to fix the shortcomings, maybe more. Will the platform even last that long?

  • VoodooKing

    Copy and Paste? When was the last time you actually used that?

  • Tony

    I do miss copy and paste actually but the biggest bugbear for me is the inability to save camera settings. By the time you've fired up the camera, changed the sharpness and set anti-shaking to on your photo subject is long gone. It's the single biggest mis-step in what is otherwise an incredibly slick, polished OS. Hopefully it will be sorted in the January update along with c&p.

  • Dr. DSP

    ….not a very intuitive OS for those of us to busy to use it any other way. Trying to delete individual or "bunches" of phone calls from the "call history" (but not the few I prefer to leave there any given day) and low & behold: there no [click here]. Also it created "tiles" on the "home screen" for people I never intend to speak with again but there is no sjmple way to discard…As a physician I get up to 300 calls a day…I note that my Fujitsu tablet PC with Win 7 is very "intuitive" and I can tremendous "easy use" from it w/minimal "study-time". Open office works great for the documents I must create and "One Note" sits "in the box [I git it free] but intend to install it soon… Hope my Samsung "Windows Phone" will get "caught-up" soon…Dr. D.S.P.