Cyber Monday / Week: Ideal For Social Shopping

With the growing trend for social networking the knock on effect is a rise in what is known as social shopping. This form of spending is more apparent through Cyber Monday/Week particularly with using sites such as, Facebook and Ebay. To get the best deal over Thanksgiving, Black Friday and of course Cyber Monday/Week, you want to source the best offer making your money stretch that little further. Here’s a few ideas to help you along.

ReadWriteWeb said on looking back over the last year, Groupon with it’s daily deals and sharing content has grown in popularity due to word of mouth. CTO for Groupon Ken Pelletier commented on his thoughts surrounding the increase with social shopping. He said, “People like to share a deal with friends for a variety of reasons. Maybe to help them save money, or maybe they want to plan to do something together. Or for a lot of social reasons. Groupon receives a high level of social sharing, and the service gets a lot of activity on Twitter and Facebook.”

Other sites contributing to the increase in social shopping include Woot. Their aim is to entice customers in with offering a highly discounted item for each day of the week. Here at OSM we have reported on numerous occasions about the increase in location-based apps such as Foursquare which give you the benefit to track items of interest. Along with being able to see the item, you will get a rundown of the product along with being able to comment on what your friends are doing at any one time. Facebook is not just growing in user numbers but coupled with Amazon, is acting as a way of pulling together your friends interests and likes. Scanning of barcodes is now a new concept to our retailing stores especially with the use of a mobile handset and subsequent apps. This yet again gives you the opportunity to compare prices and find out information.

Are you one of the many social shoppers, what hints and tips have you gained along the way? Let us know. To find out more log onto ReadWriteWeb.